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Corporate Matching

Many employers offer to match gifts made by employees. Check with your HR Department to confirm. When sending thank you notes to your donors, ask them to check in with their employer as well.

  1. Request a matching gift form from your employer. Send the completed form to:  FIRST RESPONDERS CHILDRENS FOUNDATION, 38 East 32nd Street, Suite 602 New York, NY 10016-5566

  2. The Charity will verify your donation and send the form back to your company.

  3. Checks should be made out to FIRST RESPONDERS CHILDRENS FOUNDATON. In the memo line, please be sure to write the event name (A HERO'S SALUTE), as well as the name of the participant to credit for the donation.  FIRST RESPONDERS CHILDRENS FOUNDATON, EIN/Tax Exempt ID: 10016-5566.

  4. Your company will send a matching gift contribution to the charity!

   5. Please send a note to indicating you have requested a corporate match so we can track
       your matching gift.

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Corporate Matching

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