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Virtual Race Tips

1. TRAINING: Which distance is best?

If your training has been interrupted or reduced due to COVID-19 or other circumstances, consider a shorter distance for your virtual race. Don’t push yourself and risk injury! Register for a distance that matches your current conditioning.


2. PLAN YOUR ROUTE: Which route suits you best?

There are many resources that can help you to plan a new or unfamiliar route – Runkeeper, Strava, and Map My Run. All these applications have GPS capabilities that allow you to create an accurately distanced route.


Be Safe. Please remember, since you may be running alone it is important to carry your phone and be sure that someone besides you knows your route. Just like a live race, have an emergency contact on your bib or body in case of emergency. Also, keep in mind your state’s social distancing rules.


3. SELECT YOUR RACE CONDITIONS: When do you like to run?

The advantage of a virtual race is that you have the option to choose your optimal day, time and the flexibility to change your starting time if conditions change.


4. YOU KEEP YOUR TIME: There are no timing chips in a virtual race!

To time your race: 

1.     Use a running GPS or smart watch such as Garmin, Timex, FitBit, or Apple.

2.    Download a free tracking app such as Runkeeper or Strava.

When you complete your distance, simply upload your finish time. Your time will become part of the official results page. Click here to post your results.

5. BE SAFE & FOLLOW THE RULES: Stay hydrated and maintain social distance!  Remember to carry your own fuel and water. Maintain a 6-12-foot distance between yourself and any other runners. Avoid public drinking fountains and restrooms, but if you do stop hand sanitizer may be necessary. You may want to plan a route that passes your own residence so you can set up a water station. Avoid touching handrails or pressing crosswalk buttons – use your elbows instead.


6. RUN TO RAISE FUNDS:  Give your virtual race even more meaning: Run on behalf of those you serve! 


DONATE: When you register you will be given an option to make a donation of your choice directly to the benefiting charity.


FUNDRAISE: When you register you will be given an option to make a donation of your choice directly to the benefiting charity email/tweet/FB your fundraising page out.


7. RECRUIT YOUR OWN CHEERING SQUAD:  Running alone doesn’t need to be a solitary event. Make your virtual run a truly memorable occasion. Family and friends can be your personal cheering squad to encourage you along the way. Be sure to take photos to commemorate your success.


8. JOIN US AT THE VIRTUAL FINISH LINE ON SOCIAL! After your race, share your celebratory photos on social media and join us at the Virtual Finish Line! Hashtag:  #ringinginhope and see how other runners have completed their Virtual Race. We’re sending virtual congratulations and high-fives to runners all around the area. While we may be distanced physically, let’s stay socially connected while running RUNNING ALONE...TOGETHER


Also, be sure to snap photos as you complete your Virtual Race and share with us at! Stay safe and Happy Running!

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