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Be sure to tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, teammates, and others about about the PIG OUT RUN by spreading the word!  Below are some graphics for social media that can be e-mailed and/or posted on social media!  Encourage your pals to sign up and donate to our participating charity.


It’s Piggy Power Time! 

Join us for the 2021 PIG OUT Virtual Race beginning April 1 thru August 31, 2021 – an oinking good time, and a refreshing spring change from a dismal 2020. Benefiting FEEDING AMERICA!

Been piggin’ out during the virus?  This is your chance to run it off!  There’s a distance for everyone!  Little piglets will squeal with delight running the 1-Mile Piggy Parade. You can bring home the bacon with the Bacon Strip 5K or break out of your pen with the Pig Pen 10K! The PIG OUT is a virtual race, so everyone is eligible to run on their course of choice. 

Show your friends that your willing to put down the pork and heat things up with a smokin’ hot Half Hog Half-Marathon!  If you’re really tired of the COVID picnic and your ham hocks are ready, go for the Whole Hog Full Marathon. And for the real piggy power, there’s the BIG PIG 100-Mile Challenge. 

Take it from the BIG PIG himself, you’ll never root out a better race!  Register today and have yourself a Swine Good Time at the big PIG OUT!


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